Sports Day For Charity – 2017



WOW – that was incredible. What an event! Thank you, EVERYONE, for coming out to participate in our 5th Sports Day for Charity event!! It was our largest event to date – 90+ volleyball teams, 100+ riders, and 175+ kids on the obstacle course, all supported by our 100+ volunteers!!!

This event has been a labor-of-love of myself and my amazing friends. Their dedication, creativity, and passion helped make this one of the best Sports Day for Charity events, ever!

Mabelle Artz, Nicole Brunnett, Vivian Cheung, Sabrina Guillebeaux, Tiffany Hui, Kelly Lo, Failop Maigret, Ryan Moll, Jennifer Poyaoan, Kari Robinson, and Kyle Welch – you hold a special place in my heart, thank you for your time, dedication, and support for making Wipeout Cancer and Sports Day for Charity possible!!

There is a large amount of background work that goes into planning Sports Day for Charity – these folks and their families have spent countless hours behind the scene making sure we have a fun time –

  • Obstacle Builders – Nelson Hom, Brett Loo, Brad Mallison, Jay Poyaoan, Kris Tachibana
  • Marketing Team – Gil Chan, Lauren Chin, Meagan Chin, Andy Choy, Ursula Fritsch, Mark Pascual, and Moe Schoenstein
  • Lunch – Mona Wan, Jen Louie and their families and friends
  • Shirts & Merchandise – Alyssa Leong, Demetra Williams
  • Shave Ice – Brian Lowe and family
  • Kids Activity Areas – Stephanie Ma and Desi Smith

In additon to this, I want to acknowledge the work of our 30+ friends who have volunteered year-on-year. These 5-year volunteers have provided consistency to our event allowing us to improve and get better! Thank you, everyone!

And, let’s not forget our fabulous sponsors –

Overall –

  • Big Design – for the beautiful signs that help everyone know where to go.
  • Cabrillo Middle School – for providing the perfect venue for our event.
  • Health Logic – for continuing to support us year after year (they served over 100 participants!!!)
  • Litepoint – for providing essential equipment and donating materials.
  • Quality Water – for keeping everyone hydrated.

For volleyball

  • AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) – for providing volleyballs and merchandise used as prizes for the volleyball tournament.
  • Impact Marketing – for providing gifts bags of nutritional foods for our winners.

On the kids obstacle course

  • Portola Valley Training Center – for hauling over their hay, and setting up some awesome climbing obstacles.
  • American Ninja Warriors – Alex “American Ninja Nerdier” Krumland and David “The Godfather” Campbell for helping the kids warm up, jump through the obstacles, and cheering on the finish.
  • Andres De La Rosa – for bringing the mats and other equipment to add to our obstacle course.

On the bike ride

  • Tempo Bicycles – for supporting our cause, loaning Tempo bikes to some of our event participants, and bike valet.
  • Beyond Aero – our bike tech helping make sure bikes were ready to roll.
  • Kali Protectives – for donating bike helmets for our riders.

And there are also numerous donors – in kind, for raffle prizes, and cash. These contributions allow us to add our finishing touches to the event!

Results from the Kids Obstacle Course and Volleyball Tournament are posted below.

As we take a break from our planning and begin to think about 2018 and the future of Wipeout Cancer, we’d like to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback. Our survey will be available until August 9th. Surveys submitted by August 9th will be entered into a random drawing for a gift certificate to Sports Basement.

Again, thank you for making Sports Day for Charity a success!

With gratitude,

Caroline “Liner” Lee



Click the links below the photos to see more pictures from each album.




Kids Obstacle

Kids Obstacle – Top Finishers by age group:

7 years

  • 1st: Evan S. and Audrey B.
  • 2nd: Logan T. and Josie B.

8 years

  • 1st: Jacob F. and Logan K.
  • 2nd: Kash P. and Alyssa F.

9 years

  • 1st: Jonas I. and Harper M.
  • 2nd: Brandon L. and Valerie Y.

10 years

  • 1st: Alexander L. and Jordan B.
  • 2nd: Diego R. and Janie V.

11 years

  • 1st: Nate G. and Eliska L.
  • 2nd: Alonzo T. and Teresa N.

12 years

  • 1st: Tevin H. and Leilani B.
  • 2nd: Joshua K. and Kennedy S.


1st Place: 2 Legit 2 Hit – Bon San Diego, Naya Javier, Annie Joo, Abigail Gallegos (sub: Elena Shen)
2nd Place: CNN – Megan McEwen, Alexis Bosworth, Zoe Hughes, Kristen Simoes



Gold Bracket
1st Place: Slamacow – Zack Pallack, Amy Lei, Christopher Leung, Tiffany Kyi,
2nd Place: All You Can Eat – Andre Tran, Leo Fung, Brittania Chan, Kahealani Leaha
Silver Bracket
1st Place: Zot Zot Zot – Robyn Chung, Maria Sakata, Johnny Tran, Alvin Yu
2nd Place: Asian Glow – Truong Dang, Marian Lu, Ray Siriratanapol, Becky Barnes
Bronze Bracket
1st Place: Almighty Thor – Pang Thor, Kayla Thor, Kevin Thor, Frolich Lim
2nd Place: That’s What She Set – Valerie Dobroff, Mike Manning, Lori Manning, Mike Wolfe, Jen Paedon


Gold Bracket
1st Place: Southern Spices – Vadivelu Karunakaran, Radu Victor, Anjali Sundaram, Amanda Watson
2nd Place: Vijay & Family – Mila Fang, Arya Varma, Vijay Vasireddy, Mariah Brantley, Raj Brinder, Nagi Vumma
Silver Bracket
1st Place: The Yangs & The Restless – Peter Yang, Kimberly Yang, Beda Yang, Tamilyn Fong
2nd Place: DeezJays – Dennis Co, Janine Tram, Janice Tram, Derek Liu
Bronze Bracket
1st Place: Parental Consent – Robyn Dela Cruz, Glenn Dela Cruz, Maureen Schoenstein, Ed Zhang
2nd Place: Splash – Cali Chwa, Ryan Takaki, Sandy Fun, Natalie Creekmur


Gold Bracket
1st Place: Line Jumpers – Liz Leahy, Kelly Verstegen, Vernon Pacheco, Jimmy Ip
2nd Place: Block Party – Kelly Sung, Esther Chen, Jacky Su, Tony Nguyen
Silver Bracket
1st Place: Serve Ace Ahs – Tina Tsou, Sarah Wallace, Darith Ear, Bootha Sengsavath
2nd Place: Spike and Span – Jenna Jerkovich, Sara Anselmo, Mitch Goble, Ben Goldhammer
Bronze Bracket
1st Place: Le Peeps De Voleibol – Zachary Lamm, Jasmine Hartenstein, Ryan Michelfelder, Katie Matasci
2nd Place: Justin and the Empire of the Sun – Julian Wetmore, Maya Hillel, Hana Okuhara, Justin Fung

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