Sports Day For Charity – 2016



Wow! What a day! I am truly Wiped Out–are you? I sure wish Cancer was.

Thank you, EVERYONE, for coming out to participate in our 4th annual event!!! We had a full house – 80+ volleyball teams, 70+ riders, and 175+ kids on the obstacle course, all supported by our 100+ volunteers!!! I could not ask for a better way to celebrate my birthday! Oh wait … I could …

Sam Liccardo (San Jose Mayor) and David Campbell (American Ninja Warrior’s “The Godfather”) also came out to celebrate!!! It was so nice to have their time, support, and stewardship towards our effort to Wipeout Cancer.

I’d like to give a shout-out to my friends who make Sports Day for Charity a success. Without their countless hours of attention and creativity, we would not have this event. THANK YOU –

Mabelle Artz, Nicole Brunnett, Sabrina Guillebeaux, Tiffany Hui, Lisa Lew, Kelly Lo, Failop Maigret, Ryan Moll, Jen Poyaoan, Kari Robinson and Kyle Welch!

They, and many others, are the core to Sports Day for Charity!!

I also want to acknowledge a few of our sponsors and friends –


  • New Source Technology has supported the laser industry since 1996 with critical components for solid state and diode laser systems.
  • Spinner Mortgage is dedicated to providing their clients with the best loan, at the best price, with fast and simple processing.
  • Ameriprise Financial helps you plan for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams.

On the obstacle course –

  • Portola Valley Training Center – for the fourth consecutive year, they’ve provided the hay for our obstacle course.
  • SVE Timing – for providing the timing equipment for the kids obstacle course!

On the bike ride –

    • Tempo Bicycles – for providing gift bags, loaning Tempo bikes to some of our event participants and bike valet.
    • Ryan Murphy – for providing minor adjustments and tune-ups.
    • USA Productions – for providing essential equipment for Wipeout Cancer.

For volleyball –

  • AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) – for providing volleyballs and merchandise used as prizes for the volleyball tournament.
  • New Connections Marketing – for the fourth consecutive year they donated healthy foods used for prize bags.

Overall –

    • AACSN (Asian American Cancer Support Network) – for their sponsorship and providing first aid support.
    • Big Design – since the beginning, they have ensured our on-site signage looks great!
    • Cabrillo Middle School – for providing the perfect venue for our event.
    • Health Logic – for continuing to support us year after year and treating over 45 of our participants, including American Ninja Warrior, David Campbell.
    • Litepoint – for donating much needed tents and providing essential equipment.
    • Quality Water – for keeping everyone hydrated.

Results from the Kids Obstacle Course and Volleyball Tournament are listed below.

Again, thank you for making Sports Day for Charity a success – we look forward to doing it again next year. See you in 2017!

With gratitude,

Caroline “Liner” Lee


Click the links below the photos to see more pictures from each album.



Kids Obstacle – Top Finishers by age group:

7 – 8 years

  • Wave 1 – 1st: Leighton O. and Mokoa M.
  • Wave 2 – 1st: Emily O. and Wyatt B.
  • Wave 1 – 2nd: Lexie C. and Logan C
  • Wave 2 – 2nd: Natasha H and Sidney D.

9 – 10 years

  • Wave 1 – 1st: Aneska L. and Caleb M
  • Wave 2 – 1st: Teresa N. and Connor J.
  • Wave 1 – 2nd: Eliska L. and Krisjan H.
  • Wave 2 – 2nd: Sienna R. and Moses A.

11 – 12 years

  • 1st: Emilie E. and Nico R.
  • 2nd: Teagan C. and Liam L.

Volleyball: (1st and 2nd by playoff division bracket)

Upper Bracket:

  • 1st: Gli Azuri: Jordan Taormina, Luca Taormina, Giulia Rastelli, Ashley Malone
  • 2nd: Team Chudo: Alec Skjerven, Tyler Rigg, Christine Alftin, Veronica Lewis

Intermediate Gold Bracket:

  • 1st: Bump N Grind: Tiffany Huynh, Jr Yee, Daniel Yang, Kristie Alejo
  • 2nd: Hapas & Haoles – Allie Manov, Colleen Burns, Barbara Kozak, Jared Kozak, Julian Wetmore, John Kozak

Intermediate Silver Bracket:

  • 1st: Squash: Kenny Ho, Alvin Ho, Jenny Yang, Brandon Chui
  • 2nd: Sausage Smugglers: Adina Craiut, Christina Fong, Andy Nguyen, Ferris Hua

Intermediate Bronze Bracket:

  • 1st: Serve Ace Ahs: Ericay Yuan, Tina Tsou, Darith Ear, Boontha Sengsavath
  • 2nd: Hot Heads: Jacqueline Nguyen, Samai Shir, Shanelle Miguel, Sean Hubbard

Intermediate Copper Bracket

  • 1st: Good Times: Jim Fukasawa, Christine Fukasawa, Kai Szeto, Maurocilo Claros
  • 2nd: Marshall Park: Bo Hu, Yanlin Pan, Michelle Wang, Sherry Yan

Friendship Gold Bracket

  • 1st: No Duples: Janelle Shook, Peter Ho, Jeanny Ho, Manuel Suarez
  • 2nd: Slay: Jenny Tran, Holland Van, Aileen Tran, Ryan Takaki

Friendship Silver Bracket

  • 1st: Fun2Play: Rajesh Madhavan, Vadivelu Karunakaran, Agnes Nemeth, Judi Viduya
  • 2nd: Chubby Bunnies: John Kim, Tiffany Fong, Irene Shih, Glenn Dela Cruz

Friendship Bronze Bracket

  • 1st: We Always Get It Up: Jimmy Diep, Binh Phan, Mai Trang, Anh Nguyen
  • 2nd: Setsy Strangers: Quang Nguyen, Ivan Lam, Elizabeth Welshock, Irina Shlyappnikova

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