Sports Day For Charity – 2015


Together, WE CAN!

When we created Wipeout Cancer three years ago, our goal was to “raise $50,000 in 5 years”. Through the wonderful enthusiasm, support, and generosity of our friends and community, we have more than surpassed that goal! THANK YOU!!

Sports Day for Charity is an annual event filled with fun and activity to raise funds and awareness for cancer support. Caroline “Liner” Lee won Wipeout and then got cancer — hence the name Wipeout Cancer. Sports Day for Charity is our primary fundraising activity benefiting Cancer CAREpoint and Sports Day for Kids living with cancer. It consists of sports Liner enjoys: volleyball, cycling, and obstacle courses.

The volleyball format is a grass reverse co-ed 4’s tournament split into 4 divisions: Junior Girls, Friendship, Silver, and Gold. The cycling event is a road ride from SJSU through the scenic South Bay. Medium and long ride options are available. The obstacle course is for the kids (ages 4-12). It’s an opportunity for them to test their fitness and coordination abilities, and “play Wipeout”!

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Kids Obstacle


Results from the 3rd annual Sports Day for Charity are:

    Kids Obstacle – Top Finishers by age group:

7- 8 years
Emilly O.
Lauren O.
Shane D.
Jonas I.

9-10 years
Lauren S.
Angelina K.
Pierce M.
Christian S.

11-12 years
Ava A.
Cynthia L.
Jason L.
Nico C.

Volleyball: 1st and 2nd by playoff division bracket

Friendship Championship Bracket:
Southern Spices – Vadivelu Karunakaran, Vishnu Ramineni, Nikita, Sankar Anjali Sundararman
Cuballers – Terry Valen, Val Tintiangco-Cubales, Tyler Valen, Cynthia Ngan

Friendship Challenger Bracket:
Touch it – Tenh Suzuki, Jack Lee, Tim Song, Kayla Unger
You’ve been served – Marvin Lam, Susan Mar, Marci Robertson, Jason Robertson

Silver Championship Bracket:
Whatever – Wendy Yamamoto, John Kang, Melinda Lau, Jason Trip
Kimchi – Jacqueline Nguyen, Carma Seabloom, Eddy Won, Edward Kim

Silver Challenger Bracket:
Thor’s Minions – Jeanne Handa, Alan Liebthal, John Wendt, Lucy Tashman, Troy Patea
Sock Puppets – Matt Cahill, Pete Morris, Geneveive Lawrence, Laura Goldhammer

Silver Contender Bracket
Yolo – Deanna Fong, Andrew Tao, Colan Benito, Steffi Ho
Last minute rush – Mike Thach, Kimmie Osborne, Tamilyn Fong, John Su

Silver Consolation Bracket
Fantastic 4 – James Cespedes, Thao Pham, Chris Tran, Jamila Sanfaz
apipowerfish – May Chen, Karen Chu, Dang Nguyen, Hutch Hsieh

Gold Championship Bracket
Stu and Sis – Alec Skjerven, Tyler Rigg, Samantha Nydam, Natalie Picone
You Can’t Set with Us – Andy Choy, James Cardenas, Kaitlin Bernhoerster, Jackie Domecus

Gold Challenger Bracket
Threat Level Midnight – Jordan Taormina, Luca Taormina, Jessica Tkachuk
Sets & 4play – Mike Hoang, Bich Ta, John Flores, Linda Maddela

Junior Girls Bracket
Stingray – Lindsey Trinh, Amanda Snyder, Syndney Voss, Allison Pereira
Chicken Nuggets – Kimiya Malek, Elisabeth Vehling, Lizhya Shoomoonof, Emily Allen

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