Sports Day – Beneficiaries – 2013

Throughout Liner’s cancer journey, two organizations have stood out in providing Liner with information and support. These two organizations, LiveStrong Foundation and Cancer CAREPoint, are the beneficiaries of Wipeout Cancer’s 2013 Sports Day for Charity.

Livestrong Foundation


When you are hit with cancer, it’s overwhelming. There is a lot to think about and a lot to do. There are many suggestions, opinions, and directives coming from all directions – doctors, friends, and family. It is simple enough to talk and discuss the suggestion, and another level of effort to actually follow up, create your own individual plan, and execute. There is a lot of information to process in a short amount of time. LiveSTRONG Foundation provides excellent information for the cancer patient and caregivers, and family.

For myself, the LiveSTRONG guidebooks ( were helpful in navigating through my health care plan. It provides information on cancer and treatments, provides suggestions on questions to ask, and contains helpful spreadsheets to manage medication, doctor’s visits, symptoms, etc. In addition, the LiveSTRONG website provides good, consistent, and credible information. I was often provided with random information – lemons are good for cancer, you should try ginger, the plant from the moringa tree is helpful for cancer, etc. More often than not, when researching these suggestions, the LiveSTRONG site had information on these ideas and could provide more context on the veracity of the suggestions!

Cancer Carepoint

Why Cancer CAREPoint?

When I was first diagnosed, one of my reactions was “Really? Wow, what caused this?” My family does not have a history of colon cancer. I am not a heavy drinker, I’m not diabetic, I’m not a smoker, last I checked I’m not obese, I exercise regularly … so what could it be? I think it was my “low fiber, high fat” diet. Given my fast paced lifestyle, I had a processed food diet. In addition, I’ve always had the belief that I could eat whatever I want because I’ll just burn it off. I no longer think that’s true. I needed nutrition help, and I wanted help specific to my active lifestyle and cancer diagnosis.

I found this through a SJ organization called Cancer CAREPoint. They are located in San Jose by the Good Samaritan hospital and provide services for cancer patients, survivors, and their family regardless of healthcare affiliation.

Through Cancer CAREPoint, I have had free 1:1 consultations with 2 certified nutritionists. Their feedback is specific to my active lifestyle, cancer, and limited abilities in the kitchen. They also have weekly nutrition meetings that have helped keep me thinking about nutrition in executable terms. Cancer CAREPoint also provides other services – massage therapy, guided imagery, counseling, and resources – to help cancer patients navigate a new way of life.