Sports Day For Charity – 2014

Sports Day For Charity

Another great day in the books!

Our second annual Sports Day for Charity held on Saturday, July 26th was a huge success. We had over 500 participants across the 3 sports (Obstacle Course for kids, 3 – Bike Rides and the 4 on 4 Reverse Coed Grass volleyball tournament) and were supported by more than 100 volunteers. With your help, we are well on our to continuing our goal of achieving $50,000 in 5 years! Our primary beneficiary for 2014 is Cancer CAREPoint. Through our efforts, we will be able to help Cancer CAREPoint provide even more non-medical services to cancer patients and their supporters.

Special thanks to our photography crew: Gil Chan, Vivian Cheung, Andrew Choy, Marc Javier, Lisa and Rob Lew, Brett Loo, Brian Lowe, Rama Sivamani, Kris Tachibana and Garrison Wu.


Event Results:

Obstacle Course

11-12 years old:

Girls: 1st – Emily K 4:45, 2nd – Iliana J 4:46

Boys: 1st – Markus G 4:10, 2nd – Jason L 4:25

9-10 years old:

Girls: Simone G 4:30

Boys: 1st – Jeremy K 4:04, 2nd – Sunny H – 4:17

7-8 years old:

Girls: 1st – Angelina K 4:27, 2nd – Kylie Y 5:49

Boys: 1st – Alexander J 4:46, 2nd – Shane D 4:47


Take No Prisoners:

Champions: Steph Infection – Stephanie Angel, Jess Torres, Donny Hui and Ashley Adams

Runner-up: Buster McThunderstick – Ernesto Cazares, Danny Chan, Sylvia Schmidt and Tanya Schmidt

Upper Intermediate:

Champions: FAACO – Heather Bruno, Sharon Agduyeng, Jerrod Ifland, Tam Tran

Runner-up: Line Jumpers – Vernon Pacheco, Jimmy Ip, Kelly Verstegen, Staci Takiguchi

Lower Intermediate:

Champions: Guava Cheese Roll (from Southern California – thanks for making the trek!) – Tim Tran, Ming Lai, Christine Kurata, Alvin Hong & Justin Chan

Runner-up: Good Times – Jim Fukasawa, Christine Fukasawa, Kai Chang and Amadeo Garcia


Champions: Rice & Spice – Gene Manalo, Niki Manalo, Shirley Wong and Gene Sison

Runner-up: Cruz’ing to the Maxx – Alan Lee, Darlene Line, Khanh Martinez and Chris Michaels

Junior Girls:

Gold Champions: Seal – Emma Blockus, Amanda Telfer, Sophie Karolczak, Lauren Kerr

Gold Runner-up: Jess Almighty – Rebecca Hu, Sydney Thompson, Allison Jeong, Shelby Schrager

Silver Champions: Daddies’ Angels – Madeline Remedios, Megan Ho, Kailea Nobleza, Christina Fox, Bianca Araneta

Silver Runner-up: The Aces – Rikki Nakashoji, Aztrael Severe, Allison Lo, Nicole Herhusky, Aimee Boyle

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This year we positioned a few Go Pro video cameras throughout the venue. We’re still processing all the videos, but here’s a highlight from the volleyball tournament.

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