About Us

Caroline “Liner” Lee was on Wipeout. Then got cancer. Thus, the name, Wipeout Cancer.

Wipeout Cancer is an initiative that started in 2013 to increase cancer awareness and give back to the cancer community.  Our goal was to raise $50,000 in 5 years.  Why $50,000?  That’s how much Liner won on the TV Show, Wipeout.  Why 5 years?  This is the standard time measure of cancer survival rates.

Within 3 years, we reached our goal of $50,000!!  This could not have been done without the dedication and support of our family and friends.

We’ve made our fundraising goal, and we’ve done it within our timeframe.    We are shifting our organizational objective from purely fundraising to providing sporting opportunities for kids with cancer.  We piloted an idea last year – Sports Day for Kids – with the SJSU Football team.  Both the kids and players had a great time, and we hope to do a lot more events like this in the future.

Since we’ve become an official non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, we’re able to continue to raise $$ for our children’s events, donate to local cancer support organizations, and provide our generous sponsors with a tax deduction!  Be on the lookout for additional events for kids living with cancer.


The Sports Day Crew


Pictured above:   Top Row:  Kelly Lo, Ryan Moll, Sabrina Guillebeaux, Lisa Lew, Failop Maigret,  Mabelle Artz, Kyle Welch.  Front Row:  Nicole Brunett, Kari Robinson, Caroline “Liner” Lee, Tiffany Hui, Jennifer Smith Poyaoan.

Wipeout Cancer, Sports Day for Charity and Sports Day for Kids are brought to you by a group of Liner’s friends, each playing a specific role in creating and delivering a fun-filled event:

Wipeout Cancer Crew

Caroline Lee – Our inspiration and fearless leader

Mabelle Artz – All-Things-Marketing

Vivian Blecha – Volunteer Coordinator

Nicole Brunnett – Sports Day for Kids Registration and Community Outreach and Sports Day for Charity Registration Coordinator

Sabrina Lau Guillebeaux – Sponsorships & Sports Day for Kids Outreach

Tiffany Hui – Volleyball Director

Kelly Lo – Kids Obstacle Course Director

Lisa Lew – Jill of All Trades, the glue that keeps us together

Failop Maigret – Sponsorships & Legal

Ryan Moll  – Bike Director

Jennifer Poyaoan – Raffle

Kari Robinson – Site Director & Sports Day for Kids Outreach

Kyle Welch – Sponsorships and Bike

Supporting Crew

Alan, Aneska, Anna, Claire, Demetra, Eliska, Helen, Jason, Kathleen, Katka, Ken, Mary Ann, Michael – Liner’s family, biggest supporters and doers of all miscellaneous tasks

Matt Artz, Joey Blecha, Brooke & Danny Chan,  MikeChin, Ben & Laura Goldhammer, Lucas Hopkins, Jason & Staci Li  – Volleyball

Gil Chan – Creative Designer

Meagan Chin – Social Media

Andrew Choy – All-Things-Technology

Ursula Fritsch – Website and Email

Nelson Hom – Jack-of-all-trades

Nancy Kludt – Sports Day for Kids Outreach

Brett Loo, Brad Mallison, Jay Poyaoan and Kris Tachibana – Obstacle Builders

Alyssa Leong – Merchandise

Cynthia Mallison – School liason

Mark Pascual – Engineering

Moe Schoenstein & Lauren Kiri Chin – Design

Natalie Tachibana – Store merchandising

Miyako Takahashi – Super Supporter and task rabbit

Mona Wan & Jen Louie – Lunch

Garrison Wu – Sports Day for Kids photographer