About Us – 2013

Caroline “Liner” Lee was on Wipeout.  Then got cancer.  Thus, the name, Wipeout Cancer.

Wipeout Cancer is an initiative to increase cancer awareness and give back to the cancer community.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 in 5 years.  Why $50,000?  That’s how much Liner won on Wipeout.  Why 5 years?  This is the standard time measure of cancer survival rates.

With this fundraising goal in mind, Liner reached out to a few friends to share the idea of a raising $10,000 through a Sports Day event.  For 2013, our focus is on running a fun filled quality event.  Future plans for Wipeout Cancer will be determine during the fall.  Suggestions are welcome!

The Sports Day Crew

Pictured above:  Gil Chan, Rob Lew, Lisa Lew, Mabelle Artz, Caroline (Liner) Lee, Kelly Lo and Andrew Choy

Wipeout Cancer and Sports Day for Charity is brought to you by a group of Liner’s friends, each playing a specific role in creating and delivering a fun-filled event:

Mabelle Artz – Volleyball Director and All-Things-Marketing.

Kelly Lo – Kids Obstacle Course Director

Lisa Lew – Jill of All Trades, the glue that keeps us together

Andrew Choy – all things technology

Rob Lew – Bike Director

Gil Chan – Creative Designer